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A day of bad karma in South Carolina...

Perhaps the fault lies with the "Super Moon" ....

I truly believe that the universe supports whatever "mood" you are in..if you are in a "pissy" mood then events will occur to keep you in that mood (because that is the way you will percieve everything) ...if you are in a "loving, positive" space then the universe will support that...Today, I was in a "pissy" mood!!!
Ok...in my last post I was going on and on about how fantastic my choice in accommodations was in Charleston, South Carolina....OK...NOT...
I went to check out this morning only to be presented with a bill of 750.00 dollars (Canadian!!!) for 3 nights. HUH!!!! I booked this hotel online through Booking.com for 132.00 a night...Math in Canada suggests that (132.00 x 3 nights = 396.00)...And my bill is 750.00??? 750 - 400 = 300.00 difference than what I expected...
Ok, so originally my room for 2 nights was supposed to be 132.00 x 3...of course we can't forget about the governmental thieves that add on a nother 12.5 % ...AGH...ok...fine...that makes it. 132.00 x 3 + 12. 5 % = roughly 350.00....
Ok..so initially the Max I thought I would be paying was 350.00....but when I got to my room, although great, very small and without windows I asked for an upgrade for which I was told was an extra 45.00....I was not told an extra 45.00 PER NIGHT...and then, because I really liked Charleston I asked for an extra night. I was told that because the extra night was a Friday, the rate would be 209.00 for Friday night...Outrageous yes, but I agreed to that...thinking...OK my total will be...132.00 x 2 + 209.00 + 12.5 % ....right? NOPE...Turns out, my actual bill was

132.00 + 45.00 + 12.00 (resort fee) + 12.5 % = x multiply that by 2 then add 209.00 + 45.00 + 12.00 + 12.5 % ..= 750.00 for 3 nights!!!

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh....Piss me off...Then they had the nerve to say " Sorry for the mis communication, Have a nice day!!!"

Yeah, Right...

So, I paid the friggen idiots (even though it was me that hadn't clarified what I was paying for) and got in my car to drive to New Bern North Carolina...

Due to the conversation of "shoulda, coulda said" that went on in my head for the next hour or so, I became absent minded, absorbed in my anger....
Luckily, I looked at my gas guage in time, only to see that I was almost empty..I stopped, filled my tank, picked up some snacks, smiled and said to the clerk" thank you, have a nice day!"...only to get to my car and find that I LOCKED the keys in my car !!!


So, I called the locksmith who arrived in about 15 minutes...who it took about 32 seconds to open my car.." Well, ma'am that will be 75.00 cash...Have a nice day!"

Yeah..." You have a nice "f****************" day too!!"

Needless to say, I was majorly pissed off with myself....I recognized that being angry was getting me nowhere, nor was it helping me enjoy the drive....I did calm down...

kind of..

I arrived to New Bern, North Carolina only to give the front desk reception a major interview before registering..."So, please tell me your rates with all HIDDEN costs included..."

lol...I am laughing now...as I did calm down and recognize my own behavior....since then things have gone well.... New Berm is a pleasant little town, one that I look forward to exploring...

Sorry people, just had to vent today....The lesson: " Read carefully ALL small print and extra's when registering hotel online!!!"

Posted by ManicGypsy 18:53

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$750 for 3 nights would have me gasping, too. That 12.5% is a killer. And I've done the keys in the car bit...hated that because I couldn't find anyone else to blame. :)

Have a glass of wine, go to bed and pull the covers up over your head. Hope you enjoy New Berm!

by Brenda Deines


Yup; had days like that... and screwed up with hotels etc.

You have real wisdom, and the ability to :
o observe yourself
o acknowledge your good days and bad by journaling with yourself and others
o Move on...

Few people can do that Joni.
Takes alot of moxie

ref you wrote: "I truly believe that the universe supports whatever "mood" you are in..if you are in a "pissy" mood then events will occur to keep you in that mood (because that is the way you will percieve everything) ...if you are in a "loving, positive" space then the universe will support that..."

So we declare the space around Joni is
" positive and loving".

by Rhmyers

uhoh, does this mean you will be spending the rest of your trip at a motel six or super eight? Charleston does look like a good spot to check out for a few days, may be back in the swamps.

by Bryan

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