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I'm Baaaaack!!!

Wow! When was the last time I accessed this site? Looks like awhile back and looks like I was going to try and start my own business? How did that work out you ask? Laughing hysterically, she replies "not that well." Nope, I ended up getting a full time job for a non profit agency back in October 2012. Without getting into details, that job ended in August 2013 and I found myself once again wondering what to do. Not short of ideas, I recognize I do have difficulty focusing and adapting to mundane routines...hence "manicgypsy!"....I think the DSM has a classification for that... Attention Deficit? My question is why is being enormously curious and excited about change labelled a disorder????

So, why am I reigniting this blog? Well, because I am on the road again. Unable to secure a "job" and coming to the realization that to start your own business requires some sort of actual "action" (and not just imagining business ideas) I, after persuasion from a friend have booked a flight to Perth, Australia!!! Yep, I leave January 6th, 2014.... What a way to start off a new year!

I am having a flashback at this moment, remembering writing a similar line back in December 2010. That is when all this insanity began. Or is it insanity? Perhaps that is when I woke up and began to live my life in spite of my fears???...

There is no doubt in my mind that life is whatever you want it to be.... It's all about where you decide to put your attention.

So.. I am now venturing to Perth Australia... and maybe Indonesia?

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I am looking forward to the read :)

by Lyla

Joni! What a wonderful surprise to check my email this morning and find a link to ManicGypsy--particularly timely since I was thinking of you just a couple of days ago, wondering how my Renegade friend was faring. I look forward to reading of your adventures in Perth.

by Brenda

so excited to hear about your next adventure joni. I admire your desire for adventure!!! have fun!!! xoxoxo

by Beth Gregson

Joni - yeah!!!!! Another place to see in this big world......I've heard lots of good things about Perth.....will call before you leave

by Betty

Thanks for commenting ladies! I had no idea that when I posted this it automatically sent out emails???? Brenda, you say you got an email announcement???Did others too???Hmmmmm.....now knowing that I will be more conscious about my writing...One thing I have learned over the past year, while reading up on social media and following other blogs is that I need to let people who leave comments know I appreciate them by responding!! So yes I will respond this time around...Brenda I am soo happy to hear from you. I tried finding you in my stack of email addresses but couldn't, so am happy that we can reconnect here. I truly hope you are doing well....and Beth....so great to hear from you! People this girl just swam a mile the other day!!! Loud applause from the crowd....right on Beth!
Hope your loving Mexico Betty and Lyla...will talk to you soon....

by ManicGypsy

Hello again, Joni! Yes, I love that Travellerspoint sends an email alert when you post on this blog...my memory is not good enough that I would remember to check in. :) I think I still have your email address, so will drop you a note giving you mine in the next couple of days. Great to reconnect with you!

by Brenda

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