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I'm Baaaaack!!!

Wow! When was the last time I accessed this site? Looks like awhile back and looks like I was going to try and start my own business? How did that work out you ask? Laughing hysterically, she replies "not that well." Nope, I ended up getting a full time job for a non profit agency back in October 2012. Without getting into details, that job ended in August 2013 and I found myself once again wondering what to do. Not short of ideas, I recognize I do have difficulty focusing and adapting to mundane routines...hence "manicgypsy!"....I think the DSM has a classification for that... Attention Deficit? My question is why is being enormously curious and excited about change labelled a disorder????

So, why am I reigniting this blog? Well, because I am on the road again. Unable to secure a "job" and coming to the realization that to start your own business requires some sort of actual "action" (and not just imagining business ideas) I, after persuasion from a friend have booked a flight to Perth, Australia!!! Yep, I leave January 6th, 2014.... What a way to start off a new year!

I am having a flashback at this moment, remembering writing a similar line back in December 2010. That is when all this insanity began. Or is it insanity? Perhaps that is when I woke up and began to live my life in spite of my fears???...

There is no doubt in my mind that life is whatever you want it to be.... It's all about where you decide to put your attention.

So.. I am now venturing to Perth Australia... and maybe Indonesia?

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Which path to take....the worn down, entrenched path...or the road less travelled......

sunny 17 °C

No, I’m not going to stop travelling forever, just for now. I started this “ManicGypsy Self discovery through travel” blog in December 2010. Wow, that is almost two years ago! Did I discover anything about myself? Yes! I discovered that although I love to travel I wasn’t equipped to live at a standard of living (in other words on the street) that my current finances were dictating! I learned that being a “hobo” without purpose was not as rewarding as I may have thought. Wow, it was almost two years ago today that my life took a drastic change…From being a homeowner, living on beach front with a common law of 17 years, working a 9-5 job to being a renter, single and unemployed. Is it any wonder I am a little depressed?...No doubt, making a huge life change is scary, terrifying, petrifying…but I suspect regret may be worse.
I needed to travel. I needed to learn that although a lot more travelling is still on my bucket list, it wasn’t enough. So now what do I do? Hmmm….
The one other thing that I have always thought I wanted to do but was too afraid was to have my own business, be my own boss. So, it’s decided. I am going to give it my all. I am going to do whatever it takes for me to create a sustainable, successful and profitable business, permitting me to work when and wherever in the world I choose. A business that will provide me with a comfortable living doing what I enjoy….work that has meaning, helps others and requires utilization of my unique skills set.
So how do I do that????? Hmmm…I am about to find out… and with that…the name of my new or rather continuing blog…manic gypsy’s entrepreneurial journey!

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Konichiwa from Japan

Hello from Japan

Well, it's been awhile since I've written anything so thought I would take the time to say hello.
Kon ni chi wa! (Hello)

Well, I landed in Tottori Japan on March 30, 2012 to be greeted by my brother, sister in law and niece. It was great to see them as it has been aproximately seven years since I last saw them. Seika, then 9, was now a teenager.
What can I say about Japan? Well, the first thing I will say is that it is much colder than I expected. Like the rest of the world experiencing odd temperatures, this April in Japan is colder than usual. But it seems even colder to me due to the fact that I just spent two glorious month in the tropical heat of Koh Samui, Thailand. Another reason for it feeling so cold is that the houses (my brother's anyway) do not have a central heating system. Instead they have dual AC/Heater machines that are installed in each room. The rooms of the house are very small so the machines do the job for the room they are intended to heat but the adjacent rooms are freezing! So, when I leave my bedroom to go to the bathroom I experience two complete temperature extremes....yikes....I guess the advantage is that it is a good wake up call in the mornings!
Let's see, what is different about Japan that I have noticed?.....Shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off....The courteous gesture when entering a room is to remove your outside shoes and strategically place them on a rack or to the side. Then, you slip on a pair of slippers. There are loads of slippers (all look like they are one size fits all and look the same) near any door.
The bath is interesting...actually quite nice. Here they have a deep, stainless steel tub which is about 2' x 2' x 2' where they fill it with hot water (45 C). You are supposed to sit in the tub for the purpose of relaxing rather than cleaning. You are not to use any soap or wash yourself in this water...kind of like a hot tub....After soaking and relaxing you remove yourself to the open shower where you proceed to bath or shower....Oh yeah, just reminded me of the toilets here....Girls, these are kind of great....mini orgasmic producing machines if you are so inclined! haha....They have buttons that allow water to come up from the inside of the toilet to wash your private parts.....hmmmmmmm, interesting..lol
Let's see, uh...of course everything is written in Japanese Characters (duh)....which I am pleased to say I am taking the time to learn. I don't think the Japanese language would be that difficult if one took the time to study it. I will begin attending afternoon classes at a community center next Wednesday for a couple of hours per week...
Other differences to note.....they, like the Europeans drive on the WRONG side of the road...lol...kidding, I was told that most of the world drives on the right side of the road and it's only the North Americans that have it backwards.....
I was surprised to find out that the Japanese have the BEST sweets in the world! Rust, small pieces of toast with sugar on top are delicious....tons of great garnished danishes.....yum, yum...I've probably put on 10 pounds in the week I've been here..
Last week we visited a spa which are numerous and unlike ours in NA.... The one I visited had about 10 large what I would call hot tubs...or like we have at our swimming pools, jacuzzies....each with a different feature for massage purposes. In the pools they walk rather than swim lengths. The one we went to had a lot of old, heavy Japanese men walking around. I guess you can go to spa where everyone soaks nude, but I opted to miss out on that opportunity (my days of a nudist are long gone!!! ha ha for those who know what I'm referring to).
I feel a bit like a giant here as everything seem very small and compact...the dishwasher, the doors and windows...everything....

On the weekend we drove out to view a historic temple and museum a couple hours away from where I am staying. I think it is unfortunate that I am here during this time of year because the beaches and landscape look like they would be beautiful when trees and flowers are in bloom. Today we visited a park to view the first sighting of the cherry blossoms..they are beautiful, but I guess very short lived as they only last a few days....

I have had the privilage to teach a few ESL classes but mostly am observing my brother and his wife.

Oh yeah, we also went to Karaokee which is very different here than in Canada. In Canada, I've only seen Karaokee in the bars...but here they have Karaokee boxes which are small private rooms where friends gather to dine, drink and sing. They are quite fun.

Well, dinner is being served so will sign off....I find that you can get most any kind of food you want in Japan.

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Another great insight....from a Kiwi

Shane, a tall, good looking Kiwi man is sitting next to me on the marble steps. We are sitting quietly gazing out at the sea in front of us, sharing about out of ordinary dreams.
"Have you ever dreamed about a place that you've never seen or been to before?" he asked.
"Yes, I have. I think it is quite uncommon though. Actually, some dream experts say that people who dream of places they have never been are actually astro travelling..." I responded, happy that he may be interested in engaging in some esoteric subject matter.
"Hmmm...." he murmured as though in deep contemplation. After a few moments of silence passed I asked, "so what do you think of that? Do you think we can astro travel?
He responded...."I don't know...I'm just wondering...do you get air miles with that?"

Stated like a true Kiwi (Black and white visionary from New Zealand)!!!!!!!

I laughed hysterically.....

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My first Insight - Wisdom.....

Picture a female laughing Buddha!

sunny 30 °C
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I don’t really know where to start. I feel a bit like the life I lived prior to today was light years ago. So different than the reality I find myself in now. Imagine, living in a mansion, atop of a mountain, where the view from every position is one of water, moving landscapes and blue sky. The sun shines most days., with a warm breeze blowing constantly. There are rolling hills covered with lush greenery. I am rarely aware of any signs of human habitat. I hear sounds daily that are new to my ears and unrecognizable....The fear of the geiko is gone...At night the stars are so plentiful and shine brighter than what I used to know.
For the past 4 years or so, since leaving my job with the government I was used to waking up at noon and feeling aimless. For the past two weeks I now wake up to sunshine, warm breezes, starting my day with a one hour Yoga practice. My yoga instructor, Ikiss is a young man of 30, native of Greece who gently pushes me each morning to stretch my body....teaching me to get in touch with each muscle and the power I have to control my movements. I actually stood on my head today. I can see the progress and appreciate the body I have been given. After Yoga, I work on focusing and concentrating by practicing Walking meditation....Slowly rising, moving forward and lowering each step with intention. My mind slows to such an extent that I am aware of the skeletal mechanics my frame makes with each movement....always hearing sounds of nature in the distance...
I then sip tea and inhale smoke from a cigarette which to me now seems quite contrary to what I want...yet I continue.... It’s one thing that is familiar to me...It seems to provide some sort of comfort for me. I hope that changes...
Myself, with one and sometimes two other residents join together for an education session on the Buddhist way of life, which is led by two practicing Buddhists. One of the facilitators is named Nick, who is actually an ordained Buddhist monk. The other, David, a long term addictions counsellor who says he is a practicing Buddhist.... This is interesting to me. Both are recovering addicts (primarily heroin and other drugs). Both have been abstinent for several years.....David at least 30 years, and Nick about 28 with the exception of a nine month relapse..... They both have seen a lot in their lives and have considerable insight.
Today, a Buddhist monk, dressed in robe came by to bless the grounds and center. I was given the opportunity to be blessed by him as well. The monk was wearing an orange robe, seated on a chair. I crawled on hands and knees to a place in front of his feet. I was told by Nick, that I was not to touch the monk. Sitting on my knees, hands held in prayer, I bowed three times touching my nose to the floor. With my head down, eyes closed the monk proceeded to inscribe some writing with an instrument on top of my skull. I was then guided with the help of Jacke to open the palm of my hand, still kneeling, to which the monk inscribed something on my palm. Nothing was said. I bowed and moved backwards away from his feet.... There wasn’t any lightning or thunder. There wasn’t any flashes of insight or joy, but surprisingly there was a faint acknowledgment that I had just experienced quite a gift. I momentarily felt quite childlike and cleansed....strange.....

The food is served by a staff of Thai servers, all of whom are graciously kind, gentle and courteous. The food not so much.....lol......Many would love it, but you know me, I don’t usually like to engage in taste adventures....much preferring what my body knows.
After lunch we are free to write, contemplate, psycho analyze (if so inclined, which I find I am not)...It’s funny I came here thinking I just needed a drastic change to get me out of the routine that I had been living for the past 4 or so years.... and take some time to figure out what is next...
Something inside me tells me not to make any future plans....to just live as I am until I am not...until it is time to move on to the next indicated thing, whatever that may be. I don’t and won’t know until it is time.....There is a knawing, although slight, feeling that I should be using my brain and calculating what to do with the rest of my life....like I do with a daily to do list, yet a much larger part of me resists this....
A large part of me thinks that I am feeling safe where I am and that as long as I feels safe with the people around me I am happy and content to remain. But when I imagine how I would be if I were to be on my own, living outside of this center, with no network or people to connect and do things with that I would resort to feeling the same way I did in Meota, and later Edmonton. .....lonely, alone and isolated...with no inner sense of self apart from others in my life. Yet, at the same time I do feel confident to create the reality I want......
Anyway, I’m babbling......
Late afternoons are spent either in a spa or with a fitness trainer.....Can you imagine? The spa is undescribeable ......Arm....is the masseuse and is unbelievable... Each session is 1.5 hours and consists of a different form of spa treatment....Hot stone massage, reflexology (foot massage), Thai massage, Aroma Therapy massage, facial and body cleansing, .......I forget the others....all I know is that each session has taken me to a point that I leave my body and experience what I am sure seasoned meditators experience......I don’t fall asleep, rather I go into a space, oblivious to anything external to me....and just....total relaxation.....being....no connection to my body or mind.....yet conscious of where I am......It’s hard to describe but I suspect it is the state the people go into when they are hypnotized? I don’t know, but it’s great!!!!!
The fitness I am doing is mostly swimming....there is an outdoor infinity pool that is 25 meters in length and is pure heaven....the temperature is perfect all the time..... I enjoy learning about the Buddhist way of life. It’s a lifestyle that I know little about or rather have long since forgotten.....
In the evenings I spend my time with two staff members in particular....Karin and her husband Victor. They are a young, adorable Phillapino couple.....I love them both....they are truly a pleasure to spend time with.. Karin is a RN and he an electrician/handy man....but he is also extremely talented...playing guitar, drawing and enjoys scrabble....Yeah, he beat me and doesn’t even speak English!!!! I can’t describe these two....they are just so innocent and seem so in love with each other, comfortable and sweet.....just sooooo childlike, pure and innocent...and happy..... I guess they remind me of my ex Dave and his spirit,.....egoless..... natural care givers who seem genuinely happy to serve.......
Bedtime is never later than 10:00 pm....I am having great sleeps not having to listen to Jasper Avenue traffic....the heat though or rather the humidity is difficult to get used to.....but they have air conditioning which makes it comfortable....
Part of me knows that I would be content to roam the planet just experiencing different people, environments and cultures..... If I had the money that is exactly what I would do...... roam the planet, doing whatever was indicated......I still may.....

Oh yeah...as the title of this entry suggests....my first Insight-Wisdom creation..

Struggling to find truth is a worthwhile endeavour when hope ceases to be....

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