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Escaping Canada's Winter Wonderland

(From Banff, Alberta to Vernon, BC)

Since I created a blog I guess I should start writing in it...So did I leave as planned you might ask? Well, actually I did and if the first day of my journey was a preview to the next four months, then I was in trouble!! I loaded my little 1999 Toyota Tercel (Toto) with way too much needless "stuff", positioned my GPS (whom I will name Nirva-you'll understand why I called her that as you travel with me) and was on my way. Temperature in Sherwood Park Alberta was -28 degree Celsius so I was smiling while backing out of my driveway imagining warmer days ahead.
Equipped with a hi-tech GPS and 20 years of living in Sherwood Park the first leg of my trip is going to be a breeze. "It's 11:00 am now so I should be in Banff by 3:00 pm easy," I thought to myself. OR NOT?

The QE Highway from Edmonton to Banff, although clear was populated with bumper to bumper traffic. Hm, I wonder why that is? Oh, it's Christmas...oh yeah, people in Canada like skiing at Christmas. Hmmm....Lesson number 1 "Do not plan a road trip a day after Christmas unless you enjoy the company."
Since I was no longer going to live my life according to "schedules" and "shoulds" I decided I would stay the night in Banff, Alberta. Although I had told myself I was going to skimp on accommodations making use of "couch surfers" I decided otherwise. After all, it is Christmas. So, I booked into a moderately priced motel and enjoyed a dinner provided by room service. No dishes. No cooking. YES...

Hmmm, I should go get my guitar out of the car and learn some tunes...."Where are my car keys?".......OMG, "Where ARE my car keys?", I panicked. With PJ's on I quickly put on my jacket and boots and ran downstairs, praying I had left them in the car and that the doors were open...Phew.....There they were, the bright orange key strap hanging from the driver's door. I checked to make sure nothing was stolen, grabbed my keys and looked around hoping no one was watching. As I walked upstairs I thought to myself, "Yes, I must create a things to do list.... Item # 1: Get keys cut to carry on my person! ...Then I thought, "I'm never going to remrember that.." Item # 1: Record on your digital recorder that you need to get keys cut. Item # 2: Get keys cut to carry on my person....(I hope you are laughing...I am)

Foreign Traveller's (If you have never been to Banff, Alberta you must make it a stop on your journey. It is a quaint, Norman Rockwell type village filled with active outdoor enthusiasts. Since I am from Alberta, I take for granted the beauty we have here in Canada, but you shouldn't)

Anyway, forward and onward. The next leg of my journey was to spend a short 4 hour, leisurely drive from Banff to Vernon, BC. Or Not?
Take a quick glance at the picture above....and then ask yourself "If you are travelling at a speed of 30 km per hour, and three snow plows pass by you at a speed of 15 km per hour, how stupid are you?" lol......oops sorry... Needless to say I arrived at Vernon 6 hours later.

The evening and following two days were great due to the 6 star accommodations, company and nuturing of friends Betty and Tim. It was time spent sharing laughter, tears, history and dreams as well as getting pampered with concern. Her husband actually washed my car and filled it with much needed fluids. Thank you Tim.....and Betty, she slipped into my purse a full days worth of food and beverage for the next leg of my journey. I, did manage however to create a blip in an otherwise perfect two days....I left my laptop charger and cord behind. I didn't notice until I rec'd a text message near HOPE BC (no pun intended). Needless to say Betty once again came to my rescue and sent me my cord in Vancouver. Albeit to the wrong motel....lol (not her fault)....I said I was staying at "Comfort Inn" when in fact it was "Days INN"...No big deal though. They managed to be 1 block from each other so I was able to get my parcel. Thanks again Betty.

Ok, so now I am here in Vancouver. I forgot to mention. While in Vernon I met up with a childhood friend who invited me to join her and her husband on their trip to Mexico. Sooooo....I am making a small detour from my original plan...I am now going to Mexico for one week...YES!

This is my life !!!

I am being reminded by voices on TV that it is New Year's Eve....so Happy New Year!!!! I wish you ONLY good things.....create the best year of your life!!!

After thought:

My New Year's Resolution is to live each day of my life as if it were my last and to be present in the moment... REALLY!!! So, since I have no intention on thinking about tomorrow or 30 minutes ahead, I don't have to make any of those "I'm going to be a non smoker" or "I'm going to lose 20 pounds" or...well, you know the drill. Nope, my goal: Create the best year of my life. Live, Love and Laugh...lots and lots of laughter...

Ok, that sounds good....I'll start that first thing tomorrow morning....

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First things first...

What this blog isn't...


Ok, it's December 11th and I am leaving December 27th!!! OMG, what to do? My mind goes blank each time I think of what needs to get done, then I get sleepy and think, maybe I'll just lie down...

And then what do I do? I create a blog so that now I am pressured to write in it! Yikes..what was I thinking?

Breathe Joni breathe.

Ok, for starters you should know that this blog will not really be the place to come and learn about USA sites, tourists attractions, travel hints etc. Nope, it will be more about my own personal journey of discovering what the hell it is I want in my life. As the title states, I am a baby boomer, without children and more recently without parents. As a woman going through, you know what, I am questioning my past, present and future. (all the while sweating in more ways then one!!)
Initially I was planning on taking a year off for a round the world trip...As a "mentathaloner" I imagined myself biking New Zealand, back-packing SE Asia, motor crossing Australia...all sorts of exciting, adventurous things..but then I thought.."if I could just get out of the house!"....I had to admit to myself that I am not courageous enough to venture that far alone...not yet. So, where could I go unafraid? USA. Yeah, I'll do a road trip around the states. How scary could that be?

Well, we'll find out. For now, I just have to think what needs to get done. I have my passport, my car has passed all inspections...I have roughly mapped out a route, not to strictly be adhered to, and have set a date.

I guess the next important piece of paper is travel health insurance...and oh yes, I will need a laptop...Anyone know where I can get good health insurance?

Well, that's it for now...time for a nap!!!! lol

BTW, with all this going on in my head I forgot it's Christmas time! Wow....

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A babyboomer, mid-life orphan with no kids....now what?

Contemplating what was, what is and what will be...

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Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

John Lennon

So....I imagine...

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