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Hello everyone,

I can't believe a year has already passed!!!!!
So, what have I done since I returned from my 4 month road trip? hmmmm.... Not that much really. After arriving home and spending a couple of months living with my ex ( Of 17 years) I moved into my own apartment. Oh my God, that was an eye opener!!! I can barely remember ever living in an
apartment!!! Suffice to say, it's a different experience. I am paying a small fortune for a view of Edmonton, Alberta's river valley...I have to walk down the hall to do laundry...I get to preview who is coming to visit as they have to buzz me first, put up with the music of the times, from young neighbours...be put to sleep by the hum of urban traffic....other than that, same old, same old.

How can I afford to live you ask??? I can't!!! I am living on savings but continually look for jobs to supplement my income. At the rate I am going I will be living on the streets in about 2 years! I had better find someplace warm before that time arrives!!!

I did manage to invest more on my education, having completed a 100 hour course in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Since October I have been teaching an Adult Beginner 2 cass at an Edmonton based private ESL school. Do I like teaching? Well, I have learned from my experience that I know nothing about the English language, other than to speak it!!!! Grammar is NOT my forte!

I like it alright, but it is not a passion. I actually developed a new found respect for teachers...I don't know how anyone can spend 8 hours a day doing this! 3 hours a week is plenty for me!

With that and my failure to find employment I decided last week that I would go to Tottori, Japan and teach English! WHAT????? You just said you didn't love teaching??? Well, let me explain my rationalization. I have a brother in Japan that owns an ESL School, so I thought I would love to see him, travel and add to my skills for future resumes. I am a little afraid as I hear that the Japanese work alot!!!!

My plan is to go to Japan, either the beginning or end of March and stay for 3 months. I will spend my days teaching ESL to young children and adults as well as develop a plan to expand my brother and his wife's business online..... Hopefully I can create a well paying job for myself....and earn them a little extra!

Since I am travelling again, I thought I would re-ignite this blog... I notice that I dreamed I was going to do a RTW trip in 2013 (jAssuming we are still here after the 2012 Apocolypse!!!) and hopefully Japan is a starting block to that dream!!!!

So, as of today, I am re-igniting this blog...hope you will join me on my journey of adventure and discovery!!!!


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Saying Goodbye

Closure of Blog

Have no idea if anyone is still following this blog but in case they are I want to give a brief update just so you know that I am not dead under some snow bank in Martha's Vineyard.

Following Martha's Vineyard I travelled the remainder of my trip with friends stopping in Halifax, Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, through Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan home to Edmonton Alberta.
I arrived home around April 20th...so have been back for a month or so.

I learned a great deal on my little road trip and may post my lessons at some later date.
For now, I just want to let anyone who may have been concerned that I am alive and well!

Thank you soooo much for visiting my site. I am already thinking and planning the RTW trip in 2013....stay tuned..!

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Martha Vineyard....and snow blizzard coming in April


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A day of bad karma in South Carolina...

Perhaps the fault lies with the "Super Moon" ....

I truly believe that the universe supports whatever "mood" you are in..if you are in a "pissy" mood then events will occur to keep you in that mood (because that is the way you will percieve everything) ...if you are in a "loving, positive" space then the universe will support that...Today, I was in a "pissy" mood!!!
Ok...in my last post I was going on and on about how fantastic my choice in accommodations was in Charleston, South Carolina....OK...NOT...
I went to check out this morning only to be presented with a bill of 750.00 dollars (Canadian!!!) for 3 nights. HUH!!!! I booked this hotel online through Booking.com for 132.00 a night...Math in Canada suggests that (132.00 x 3 nights = 396.00)...And my bill is 750.00??? 750 - 400 = 300.00 difference than what I expected...
Ok, so originally my room for 2 nights was supposed to be 132.00 x 3...of course we can't forget about the governmental thieves that add on a nother 12.5 % ...AGH...ok...fine...that makes it. 132.00 x 3 + 12. 5 % = roughly 350.00....
Ok..so initially the Max I thought I would be paying was 350.00....but when I got to my room, although great, very small and without windows I asked for an upgrade for which I was told was an extra 45.00....I was not told an extra 45.00 PER NIGHT...and then, because I really liked Charleston I asked for an extra night. I was told that because the extra night was a Friday, the rate would be 209.00 for Friday night...Outrageous yes, but I agreed to that...thinking...OK my total will be...132.00 x 2 + 209.00 + 12.5 % ....right? NOPE...Turns out, my actual bill was

132.00 + 45.00 + 12.00 (resort fee) + 12.5 % = x multiply that by 2 then add 209.00 + 45.00 + 12.00 + 12.5 % ..= 750.00 for 3 nights!!!

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh....Piss me off...Then they had the nerve to say " Sorry for the mis communication, Have a nice day!!!"

Yeah, Right...

So, I paid the friggen idiots (even though it was me that hadn't clarified what I was paying for) and got in my car to drive to New Bern North Carolina...

Due to the conversation of "shoulda, coulda said" that went on in my head for the next hour or so, I became absent minded, absorbed in my anger....
Luckily, I looked at my gas guage in time, only to see that I was almost empty..I stopped, filled my tank, picked up some snacks, smiled and said to the clerk" thank you, have a nice day!"...only to get to my car and find that I LOCKED the keys in my car !!!


So, I called the locksmith who arrived in about 15 minutes...who it took about 32 seconds to open my car.." Well, ma'am that will be 75.00 cash...Have a nice day!"

Yeah..." You have a nice "f****************" day too!!"

Needless to say, I was majorly pissed off with myself....I recognized that being angry was getting me nowhere, nor was it helping me enjoy the drive....I did calm down...

kind of..

I arrived to New Bern, North Carolina only to give the front desk reception a major interview before registering..."So, please tell me your rates with all HIDDEN costs included..."

lol...I am laughing now...as I did calm down and recognize my own behavior....since then things have gone well.... New Berm is a pleasant little town, one that I look forward to exploring...

Sorry people, just had to vent today....The lesson: " Read carefully ALL small print and extra's when registering hotel online!!!"

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Charleston, cha, cha, cha

John Boone Plantation, Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina

Charleston 035

Charleston 035

Charleston 030

Charleston 030

Guess it's time to update the blog again. Let's see, I left off in Orlando. From there I moved on up (to the tune of the Jefferson's) to Charleston South Carolina. Cool, cool, cool place. If I ever choose to move to the states this will be the place. I especially lucked out with the hotel I chose to stay at, The Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina. Granted it is over my 100.00 dollar limit but still not too bad considering. It sits on the harbor across from downtown Charleston. It contains everything I love.....water, marinas, palm trees, walking piers, pool, sandy beach, dolphins, plantations (far more dramatic than those in New Orleans), architecture galore, river walks, park squares...everything....Ok not everything, I didn't get to go horseback riding.(lol)...
Today, St. Paddy's Day I toured the John Boone Plantation. My reaction surprised me. I cried. Hearing the history of the black slaves weighed heavily on my soul. Really, I don't know why but I wanted to sob....It was so, so sad. I thought "Gee, maybe I was a black slave in a past life...or worse the daughter of a master...
Savannah and Charleston 022

Savannah and Charleston 022

Savannah and Charleston 018

Savannah and Charleston 018

There were 9 brick houses (rooms) where the slaves lived. In each house there was a screen that showed a mini documentary on the history of south carolina, focusing on black history. It was very well done....but oh so sad.
At the last brick house was a theater where a woman performed. She was unbelievable ..telling stories intermingled with amazing singing...soulfully sad...for some reason I felt ashamed for having white ancestory...yet I'm a Canadian...we didn't have slaves did we?
After touring the fields, master's mansion, slave quarters and history walk I drove to downtown Charleston, East Bay and Battery. The houses in this area made those in Galvaston Texas look like little shacks (well not quite.) Incredible....and then to hear about hurricane hugo and see the damage done...awe full....
Charleston is a beautiful city as well as all the 'suburbs - mount pleasant' or other cities next door.
The weather is in the mid 70's warm but breezy...I have decided to stay one last day to bathe in the sunshine.
Savannah was a great place too!!! Spent most of my time on the river walk, toured the city via horse and buggy. Jammed one night with a couple of guys I met in the square. Met a few street performers I had just seen in New Orleans. I guess St. Paddy's Day is a huge celebration in Savannah so many of the street performers from mardi gras move north.

For me, this is as good as it gets...

Charleston 007

Charleston 007

Charleston_014.jpgCharleston 019

Charleston 019

Charleston 028

Charleston 028

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